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Other then becoming a Green Lantern, I have not done much. I’m still rebuilding Doma, about a quarter is done now. How about thee? What hast thou done?

"Green Lantern? What’s that? Did you transform into a lamp or something?" She cast an inquisitive glance his way.

"Eh, me? I haven’t done much besides digging around for some loot and kickin’ butt for the WRO like usual."


Heh. The Greatest Ninja doesn’t miss a thing does she?” He strode toward her, a crafty grin displayed.

"Of course not! That’s why I’m the best ninja there is!" She grinned innocently and watched his approach in a moment’s silence. Before he came within two feet’s distance, she threw herself at him, squeezing the blonde gunner in a tight hug.


“Yuffie!” Raising a hand, the redhead waved at the ninja enthusiastically. “How have you been?”

"Awesome as ever!" She returned the gesture with a hearty wave of her own. "Ya know, I don’t think we got to hang out all that often when we met forever ago. Let’s get started, yeah?"

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I did, Lady yuffie, and I have found thee again! How art thee?

"I’m doing great! Did ya go off on a super awesome adventure or what? You have to tell me all about it!"


“Yuffie, it’s you!” Ace waved a hand slightly with a smile. “It has been ages indeed! How have you been doing?”

"As good as ever! I’ve just been treasure hunting and kickin’ some ass like usual. You know me! So what’cha been up to?" She smiled eagerly up at the blonde.

"Hey, Prompto. Don’t think I don’t see you. Get over here already."

"Wah, is that Cyan? I thought you got lost somewhere, Gramps!"


“Hello everyone.”

"Aaaaaace! It’s been ages since I last saw you!”

"Waah, it’s been so long since I’ve been back. I wonder how everything and everyone is."

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Prompto makes me the happiest person in the world. 



-Fast forward. BAM! Shazzam. Sitting across from her.-

”..It looks pretty fancy.. .. Tradition, huh..” -Flips menu with.- “..I don’t think so. Only fish head. That’s the only thing related to sushi I’ve ever ate.”

"Fish head? What the heck kind of food do you eat? That’s far from anything like sushi! If you haven’t had any before, then you gotta try some!"

-Calls over waiter and orders sushi, which arrives after some time. Fast forwarding like a mofo.-